Family Dinner 2008-5-26

Today was family dinner with the seafood themed recipes that I posted a couple days ago. It was actually a lot less trouble than I thought, although as usual I started way too late.

The hardest part was the dessert. Mixing chocolate is a lot of trouble, especially when you’re melting it from chips. I also made a slight mistake by stuffing the cakes with way too much chocolate in the middle, which ended up melting a good portion of the cake surrounding it. So really the whole thing turned out to be more of a bad creme brulee, with a stiff top to a very chocolate-y liquid underneath.

The miso soup was also a little bit of a pain, only because it required chopping so many vegetables. Thanks to Justin and Christie for being team players and helping me. It was a little scary because it looked like there were more veggies than water at first, but of course the vegetables shrank drastically when boiled and softened. It turned out incredibly well, especially the effect of putting raw salmon at the bottom of the bowl and letting the poured in hot soup cook it. That makes the fish really tasty and ensures a freshly cooked texture.

The bass was no problem at all. The reduction was a bit weird and I think I botched it a little. I would recommend that you double the number of halved grape tomatoes, and throw them in last so that they don’t cook very much. I noticed that the slightly crunchy tomatoes were much more pleasant than the soft ones, as a contrast to the texture of the fish. Still, I was quite pleased with the results.


Guests: Justin
Mystery Guest: Christie
Materials cost: $70

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