Pros and Cons of Ethnicities in Dating

This is a “best of” post from my old Xanga. As I flipped through the old one today, I realized that I’m a pretty funny guy.

I don’t know what sparks these kinds of ideas, but today I want to outline the pros and cons of different ethnicities in dating. To tell the truth, I do know what sparked this idea: I saw these two really attractive girls on the bus to work this morning, and on sight I could tell they were Korean and identified topics they would talk about. It sounds and probably is somewhat racist, but you know what, I was right! I thought I’d put my thoughts on this out there and hopefully get a discussion going among various people to see different perspectives. So I’m not a racist, I’m a scientist!

Anyways, there are always pros and cons to dating certain types of people. I’m using mostly my own meandering experiences, which are obviously colored and deepened by discussions I’ve had with my peers and friends as well as the influence of my family and upbringing. Although I don’t think I’ve dated a tremendous number of women, I’m fortunate in that I’ve dated very different types. Obviously, girls have reacted to me in certain ways given my personality, my type of charm, and of course my own ethnicity. So take everything I say with a grain of salt, and feel free to issue corrections if I’m incorrect. But only if you’re hot.



Pros: high likelihood of playing superwoman (working, partying, and cooking), loyal, present themselves well (especially in Berkeley where girls go for “natural beauty”, aka they don’t care if they look like crap), fairly tolerant
Cons: superficiality, clannish, tend to be very conservative or a little too wild, high-maintenance, troublesome when crossed



Pros: very street smart (esp with fashion, gifts, dealing with people), very tolerant, global citizens, good presentation, mild personalities
Cons: always keep some distance or coldness, formality sometimes substitutes for authenticity, easily forget the pain they cause and move on, not disloyal but won’t hesitate to jump if something better comes along

Chinese (mainland)

Pros: clever, high on confidence and dignity, down-to-earth, strong sense of self, unique personality
Cons: obsessed with money and accumulation of wealth, superior attitude regarding China and Chinese culture, unwilling to deviate from perceived band of normalcy and “living well”

Chinese (Taiwan)

Pros: very charming and funny, communal, very open to outsiders, ambitious and appreciative of other skilled people
Cons: insecurity issues, prefer avoidance to problem solving, demeaning to the substandard


Pros: high on intensity and excitement, nurturing, very tolerant, strong character yet still pliant
Cons: live in their own world, clannish, passive-aggressive, never seem totally relaxed nor totally engaged


Pros: very obvious character, generous, just bad enough to be a turn-on, reflective culture (they give back at least equal to what they receive)
Cons: very troublesome, reflective culture – they will lash out if provoked, stubborn, superiority complex

Chinese (Cantonese/Hong Kong)

Pros: strong character, very sure-footed in life, friendly to outsiders, present themselves well
Cons: super materialistic, clannish, strength can be overwhelming, prepare for a lot of yelling

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