Quote of the Day 2008-12-29

Be an example to your men, in your duty and in private life. Never spare yourself, and let the troops see that you don’t in your endurance of fatigue and privation. Always be tactful and well-mannered and teach your subordinates to do the same. Avoid excessive sharpness or harshness of voice, which usually indicates the man who has shortcomings of his own to hide.

-Erwin Rommel

Utada Hikaru – Beautiful World

It’s only love…
It’s only love…

If I could only have one desire fulfilled,
I would wish to be sleeping by your side, wherever that may be
In this beautiful world.
I gaze at your determined figure –
What a beautiful boy.
Yet, you are unable to see your own beauty.

It’s only love…

Eating, sleeping and breathing comics,
I hated myself in that passing dream filled with those images.

I know that I don’t know what I want,
Nonetheless, I want it… As tepid tears stream down my cheeks.

I really have nothing I want to say to you,
But I still want to see you one more time.
The things that I want to say – I cannot say.
Perhaps I am a coward,
But it’s alright.

If I were to have only one wish fulfilled,
It would be to lie sleeping by your side, it doesn’t matter where that is
In this beautiful world.
I keep gazing at your determined figure –
What a beautiful boy.
Yet, you still can’t see the beauty within you.

It’s only love…

Trying my hand at almost anything,
It all seems at a loss… Perhaps besides gaining some experience.

I don’t see the need for newspapers,
The things that are most important to people are not even in there.
Have you been taking care of yourself recently?
So long as you are well,
I’ll be fine.

If I don’t get to see you even when my world disappears,
As long as I am resting beside you, any place is bearable
In this beautiful world.
In the midst of these fleeting days
There stands a beautiful boy.
My ever-shifting moods, nothing can be done to help them.

If I could only have one wish fulfilled,
It would be to be there lying by your side.

Beautiful world… Beautiful boy…

Double Quote of the Day 2008-12-23

This is actually my 500th post, so I’m rewarding myself with not one but TWO quotes of the day, by the same guy:

Courage is like love: it must have hope for nourishment.

– Napoleon Bonaparte

He that makes war without many mistakes has not made war very long.

– Napoleon Bonaparte

Utada Hikaru – Final Distance

I’m anxious but I can’t say anything
I’m tired of swimming, even you’ve become silent

I want to see you, but an invisible wave pushes us
Again, just a little more distance

Try not to stop keep it going baby
If you don’t feel the same then tell me
Even if your principle is to not try
It’s alright to try a little

I wanna be with you now
Let’s shorten the distance with the two of us
We can still make it on time
We can start over
We can’t be as one

I wanna be with you
Someday even this distance
We’ll be able to embrace
We can start sooner
After all I wanna be with you

You, who gets hurt with a single word
taught me what loneliness is

When you can’t protect me keep on trying baby
It’s not as I promised but trust me
My principle is to not try but
I would do it for you

I wanna be with you now
Look at our distance with the two of us
We can still make it
We can start over
I want to tell you with words

I wanna be with you now
One day, even the distance
I’ll be able to embrace
We should stay together
After all, I need to be with you

Things I Will Never Outgrow

Here is a brief list of things that I will never be too mature to do:

– hoarding pizza

Whenever someone orders pizza, especially with friends or family, I’m always freaked out that other people will get to the pizza first and steal all of the pieces. This means that when I get to the pizza, I hang two pieces out of my mouth and put another three slices on my plate. I eat like a speed demon and keep powering through to get what I believe is my fair share.

– hating clowns

I’m not sure where this started, but for whatever reason, clowns really frighten me. If I were walking down the street and I saw a clown a few hundred yards away, I would actually turn 180 degrees and walk in the opposite direction. The same applies to porcelain dolls and portraits of Jesus. I will always try to make them face another direction and stop looking at me.

– collectibles

If some company promises that I can collect a set, believe me that I will try. Like all young men, I have faced many times the decision to euthanize my collections, and those were some of the saddest days of my life. Nowadays, I’m not quite as gung ho about “Gotta catch em all”, but I will always keep the rarest or most notable specimens out there.

– petty competition

If I go to Baskin Robbins or some other buffet where you can make your own dessert, I will attempt to make the most perfect ice cream sundae. My goal isn’t to make the best tasting dessert but one that will earn the most looks of jealousy as I look down in disdain at the crooked whipped cream swirls of other people. The same applies to small sand castles at the beach, snowmen, and taekwondo.

– boobies

Sold. I would also put the progression to sex here, from that moment of tension to the first bold kiss to making out to wandering hands to shedding clothes to oral sex to that first exciting moment of intercourse to trying new positions to considering a dirty Sanchez…..oh dear, I have gone a bridge too far.

– children’s TV shows

I love children’s television shows. I love feeling smart as I identify what’s wrong with the picture or learning cheap life lessons that have long since outlived their usefulness to my life.

– avoiding cracks on the sidewalk

When I was nine, my brother told me that stepping on a crack was bad luck and offered up the fact that he once stepped on a crack and got spanked that very night as proof. Since then, I still take small leaping steps over cracks to avoid stepping on them.

– Legos

I love building stuff and the supreme sense of accomplishment when I build something out of nothing. Even if the sets aren’t particularly interesting, I love the feeling of clicking the pieces together and seeing a design take shape.

– the roar of engines

Whether it’s cars or airplanes, I love the loud roar of an engine and the scream of a fast-moving vehicle past my eyes. There’s nothing better to help you appreciate the brilliance of engineering and the importance of precision. It is also the ultimate in man overcoming nature.

Nobody Knows+ – Hero’s Comeback

A far away voice clues me in
One after another, comrades prepare to battle
No more doing the same stuff over and over,
We’re gonna turn that shit inside-out, are you ready?

My body shivers straight to the core
The energy rings out like violent stomping
It calls me unrelentingly
This is an unstoppable comeback story

Come on, everybody stand up!
Today’s your best shot!
You’re a speed hunter, you can’t be stopped!
You’re a hit, everyone’s watching you! YEAH!

Come on, everybody hands up!
It’s the hero’s comeback you’ve been waiting for!
Throw up your hands and count down!
Let’s go, 3-2-1, MAKE SOME NOISE!

Hey yo, there’s gonna be risks, can you handle ’em all?
Get back up and get it on no matter how much you fall!
It’s not some deep connection, just a paper-thin session
Now those pent-up feelings are a crystal of emotion

The rising tide of cheers will give you courage
Getting back up this time will be harder than ever.
But I know you’ll end up smiling!
The thrill of victory will push it all away!

Everybody stand up!
Today’s your best shot!
You’re a speed hunter, you can’t be stopped!
You’re a hit, everyone’s watching you! YEAH!

Come on everybody hands up!
It’s the hero’s comeback you’ve been waiting for!
Throw up your hands and count down!
Let’s go, 3-2-1 MAKE SOME NOISE!

Year in Review for Business

Public relations disaster of the year
: The three CEOs of America’s car industry, for flying private jets to Washington to beg for a bailout because they’re running out of money. What better way to illustrate how out of touch they are with the American public? Runner-up: John Thain, CEO of Merrill Lynch. He was hailed as a hero for saving his firm with bailout money, only to blow it by demanding his bonus.

Swimming naked award: This refers to a joke by Warren Buffett that anybody can succeed in finance when times are good, but you find out who’s been swimming naked (taking stupid risks) when the tide rolls back. The winner is Iceland, whose entire economy exploded because a few people in America defaulted on their mortgages.

Fight of the year: Dick Fuld versus his own employees. Fuld presided over Lehmen’s demise and an anonymous employee attacked him in the office gym. Fuld was knocked the fuck out with a single punch, ironically mirroring his firm’s problem of having a glass jaw.

Best letter of the year: Congressman Henry Waxman with unmasked schadenfreude when he demanded that all Wall Street firms bailed out by the government publicly list their top earners, their bonuses, and how this was calculated.

Flop of the year: Sovereign wealth funds. Earlier in the year, they were the new financial monster as government-backed funds from China and Dubai were anticipated to simply buy the entire world. Then they were going to buy our financial system when it was in peril. Now the Chinese and Arabs are counting their massive losses and wondering what happened to the money. Turns out economies dependent on cheap manufactured products and oil have a massive gap in their strategy when consumers stop buying.

Client of the year: Eliot Spitzer, aka Client Number Nine. Wall Street didn’t have much to cheer in 2008, but the fall of New York’s most hated regulator in a sex scandal was one of them.

Worst abbreviation: The early winner was structured investment vehicle, or SIV. The new winner is TARP, troubled asset relief program. Someone needs to re-think these names and find out if they could have terrible ramifications like these are having now.

Poorly timed nickname: joint winners are Whole Foods Market and Starbucks. They earned their nicknames of Whole Paycheck and Fourbucks, and true to that, consumers stopped going when the economy got rocky. Both have stocks that are down more than 50% for the year with even uglier forecasts for 2009.

Saved the Universe award: Warren Buffett. His timely investments saved General Electric and Goldman Sachs from the humiliation of requiring a bailout. Masters of the Universe breathed a sigh of relief.

Comeback kid: Cash, which is once again king. Others thought this might be the year when oil, China, environmentalism, or hope and change might be the new hottest commodity. But at the end of the day, cash is indisputably still the only commodity that matters. Runner-up: Bank of America, which now has enough of the US government’s cash to deserve the name.