Motorcycle Asshole Test

I’m going on a rant because a bunch of goddamn dicks on motorcycles just roared up the street and woke me up. What I’ve noticed lately is that motorcycle riders are assholes. They seem to have this urge to be noticed and let you know what cocks they can be. It’s really becoming an F you to society.

With that, here are the correlations I’ve noticed between motorcycles and the likelihood that the rider is a cock:

-the less safety equipment they have on, the bigger a dick they are. The guy wearing full leathers and the tortoise shell backpack so that they won’t die if they fall off the bike is the kind of guy I like seeing on the road. Dude wearing a leather vest, jean shorts, and a t-shirt has me hoping that a semi truck wipes him out.

-the louder the bike, the bigger the douchebag. Look, we all know what a motorcycle sounds like, it’s already loud. The guy who takes the baffle off his hog so that it rattles your windows or shakes the water in your glass like Jurassic Park is a jackass. This rule applies to car radios too, btw.

-the blacker the helmet, the stupider the rider. Motorcycle helmets are brightly colored so that drunken truckers don’t mistake the rider’s head for some animal and accelerate over them. These idiots on their Harleys think that flat black is a cool color and those stupid Prussian helmets look good.

-the more they drive on roads, the less they actually like motorcycles. Real motorcycle fans do what’s the most fun and the most safe – they put on all their safety gear and go carve up canyon roads. Guys who just troll around neighborhood streets are just looking for attention, which I guess is obvious from their incessant revving.

-the longer their feet stay down, the bigger the jabroni. And yes, I notice that your feet are dangling off the sides of your motorcycle all the way through the intersection, you monkey. It’s the equivalent to running “like a girl”. We all know you can’t run for shit if your arms are flailing.

-the more they wave, the better a person the rider is. I’ve grown accustomed to shifting my car a little to the left or right in a traffic jam when I see a bike trying to split the road, to give them an extra three feet of clearance. I know the rider is skilled and probably a good person if they give me a little wave, just a hand off the handlebar for a second. If you only drive cars, you should get in the habit – three feet doesn’t mean anything to you, but it makes a difference to the guy who isn’t sitting in a big metal box.

-And unfortunately: the more American the bike, the bigger an asshole the rider. In all probability, the guys riding rice rockets are probably the most likely to be good riders and good citizens on the road. The closer you get to a Harley and a typical American bike, the more of an asshole the rider becomes. When you get to the guys riding bikes where they have to reach above their heads to grab the handlebars and they removed the front brake, you’re at the rectum of human decency.

Survey question: What’s the bigger F you to society, face tattoo or super loud Harley? I’d say face tat, unless the Harley rider has a flame, either as a tattoo on their arm or as a sticker on their ride, or both.

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  1. Fuck all yall. Ride what you want, when you want, and where you want. Mine happens to be a 2014 Harley Softail Slim. ( been riding Harleys since 1977) I wave when it’s safe to do so. I ride according to my abilities. I don’t ride with assholes or dare devils. Riding for me is a source of therapy. Fortunately, l don’t live in a large city. Colorado is an awesome place to live and ride. Stop hatin’.

  2. You are correct they are assholes!!!!! Fuck you harley you short dick syndrome, small man complex, crack head assholes. Nobody. Nobody wants to listen to your overpriced gutless piece of shit. Grow up you assholes.

    1. They are only over priced for those that can’t afford one. And those that can’t afford one become the biggest haters of them all.

  3. I ride with an outlaw club in a southwestern state. The attitude of most 1%ers is live how you want, do what you want and have fun. We don’t have a problem with ricers or guys who ride Hondas. We do laugh at the RUBs and waxers who take their bikers around the block once or twice a month. Most of the bikers are loud and helmets are optional. We aren’t trying to maintain a look, we are who we want and we really belong to this subculture. I guess a lot of it offends you because it’s not what you think we should be doing. Telling someone else how they should live their life isn’t a thing we are cool with though.

    The people I see the judgmental hate coming from are generally people like you. Defining who is and who isn’t an asshole. Wanting people to behave/dress/act in ways they find acceptable. Massive unwarranted self-importance. I don’t know why you act the way you do, not my place to try to head-shrink you or project some stock character from my head on you.

    Just wanted to let you know your animosity isn’t mutual, at least not in our territory. Your attitude is disrespectful though, and if you do run into a bunch of 1%s with it, they aren’t going to treat you with the kind of respect you would want. Respect is returned, not given.

  4. Haha, lots of guys who ride Harley’s would dream of being in a 1%er club like little girls dream of being a princess. They are all fags. I had a Harley, slow as shit and cornered for shit. Just looked really nice. So yes Harley’s are just for looks. I own a victory now with a custom pipe. It is not because I buy into the loud pipes save lives bs. It is a performance upgrade 2-1 pipe. It is louder than stock but unnoticeable when rpms are kept low as they should be in neiborhoods where the speed limit is 25. I used to not wear any gear until I wrecked going 55 and let me tell you I got really lucky but it sucks when you’re missing skin. I wear a full face, gloves, jacket, and boots all the time now. I hate these douches who throw a shit fit because someone in a car didn’t see them. It is our job as riders to assume we are never seen. I kept seeing a guy in my neighborhood with a gay ass half helmet and a skull face mask(here’s an idea gay boy, get a full face and quit dressing like a pirate) doing a burnout almost losing it and slamming into the back of a truck then freaking the fuck out like it was the trucks fault, with temps tag on his bike. Later I saw he was getting braver and wearing no helmet but still wearing the gay face mask (Lord knows keeping the bugs off your face is more important than keeping your brains from getting scrambled).
    Next time I saw him I could tell he dropped his bike like a fag because his side mount license plate holder was broken and tank dented. Now I can only assume he killed himself riding like a total asshole because I used to see him hauling ass everywhere like a squid but haven’t seen him in over a month. Darwin at least help sometimes.

    1. you wear full gear in 90 degree weather, on a hot summer day? How about, don’t get in an accident. Contrary to what some may say, it’s 100% within your power to not get in a crash… I’m sorry, wearing a heavy hot leather jacket on a hot day is not what i call enjoyable. I’d rather ride safe and defensive, than worry about what I wear.

      1. I take it you haven’t been riding very long. One day you will probably get in an accident. Just the nature of riding a motorcycle. I don’t recall saying I wear leather. I wear a mesh armored jacket this time of year. I also don’t remember directing a my comment at you. Unless you dress like a pirate and only ride in a straight line all the time you will crash. You probably hang your feet out 30 feet before you get to a light and hang both feet out another 50 feet when you leave the light. Probably have never even scraped your exhaust let alone a peg. Have fun looking cool with no skin.

        1. you’re one of those who subscribe to the notion that all bikers will eventually crash. Sure, if you drink alot, get drunk, then ride, you will crash. 50% of all crashes are alcohol related. another high % are sports bikes going 100 in a 40, driving like maniacs. what is the % of harley riders that actually ride safe?

          I have known and do know guys that have been riding for over 20 years and have never gotten in any crashes. To say or think it’s inevitable is totally false. And I will never believe in that…

          1. I don’t drink.
            How sure are you you’ll never crash?
            How long have you been riding?
            I know 1 guy out of a lot of people who has never crashed.
            The odds are against you noob.
            Hope your wife is down for wiping your ass when you go down with your fingerless gloves….
            You can do whatever you want, I just know from experience buddy.
            Maybe you can’t afford to buy weather appropriate gear.

          2. If i can afford a 23 grand bike, i can most certainly afford some gear. I would just rather not look like a total geek. and we were all newbs at some point. right? I’m not certain i won’t crash. I just don’t think it’s inevitable and I don’t like to look at it that way. I drive pretty freaken slow and cautious right now. How many guys go through safety courses? I’m not talking about dropping the bike. which ive done. So if that counts, I got my one crash out of the way. haha I’ve been driving for a long long time, so I have good road awareness. I fully expect people to be assholes

          3. Dropping a bike is far easier to avoid than wrecking. There’s never an excuse to drop a bike even as a noob. Girls actually find guys that wear gear more attractive because they exude commen sense and responsibility. Look it up. Guys find men who don’t wear gear more attractive.

          4. As for dropping the bike. I’ve heard even experienced guys do it. But, this was literally my first time ever taking a harley out for a ride around my neighborhood. downhill at a stop sign. haha haven’t dropped since.

          5. Do you live in Colorado by any chance?
            Starting to think you’re the guy in my neighborhood, lol.
            I’m not a dick, I’m also a skilled rider and I also know how bad road rash sucks.
            Odds are if you’ve dropped your back you’re going to make a mistake.
            There is a lot of gear availible that looks cool even off the bike.
            And try a full face helmet, half helmets suck because they always try and choke you out on the freeway and they aren’t going to protect shit in a wreck. Once you get some experience under your belt then decide whether or not to wear gear.
            Not telling you what to do just some advise.

          6. No, I live in a small suburb outside of Boston. I made the mistake of going around a neighborhood I had no clue about. Even though I live right there. stop signs at the bottom of a big hill. Not the best place for your first time. After that, I rode a large parking lot. Road around for over an hour. Then just started practicing the clutch. Then went out late at night for a few nights… Then started going out in the day time. No more dropping bikes. I know exactly why I dropped it, which helps.

      2. jim morrison
        May 19, 2016 at 4:15 pm (UTC -8)
        This is coming from someone who is too chicken shit to ride when other cars are on the road. I have taken the bike out late at night, but i’m not confident enough to ride with other cars yet. How do you get yourself to get out there? Just bite the bullet and do it? How do you go up hill in bumper to bumper traffic. that thought worried me.

        Did you really say this shit?!?! You’d look a lot cooler wearing a hi viz than not knowing how to go up a hill with out rolling backwards homo.

        1. I have since ridden in traffic. Do you remember when you first started riding? Dealing with other cars. Not wanting to stall at lights. worrying about starting and stopping. haha But, with time, you get the hang of it. And I have ridden in the day time and in traffic.

          1. I learned on my dad’s holding when I was 16.
            If you are worried about traffic and stalling then you should definitely consider wearing gear because you are most likely going to become a statistic.

          2. I was worried at first. But I’ve gotten much better. Still raw, but doing better. I’m just very cautious riding right now, which is probably a good thing.

          3. The most important thing is never relax where other cars are present. This morning, taking my girlfriend to work on the back of the bike, we were almost hit twice within 1/2 mile, both times by people turning right onto the highway. One blind old guy – something about the way his car was positioned prickled my bat-sense – I put my brights on and blared my horn and he still turned right in front of us, fortunately I was already slowing and swerving. One young lady, phone in hand, also making a WIDE right turn onto the highway, drifting all the way across all lanes. As we passed her, staring in shock, my girlfriend yells “I know her, she works with me!!”

            Don’t get discouraged. I have been doing this for many years and hundreds of thousands of miles and I didn’t die, but if you’ve ever been in car accidents before – your fault or not – remember that you cannot allow that to happen on the bike. YOU have to be ready to correct others’ mistakes. Insurance company fault-finding after the fact won’t be of much interest to a dead biker.

          4. you mean they were coming onto the highway that you were already on? Like merging into? I literally do not want to be on the side of any car. either be in back, or in front, never on the side. Just from driving my car, I know people will switch lanes, without a blinker. they will pull right out in front of you. This doesn’t even make me blink twice anymore, cause I fully expect it. While riding my bike the other day, going the speed limit, another biker on a harley, went speeding past me. haha. No big deal. If I’m going to slow, Id rather have them go by me.

          5. Turning right at stop signs from T-intersections where my highway is the straight-through direction. People change lanes into me on the freeway almost daily, and usually it’s not a big deal; you just edge away and drop back. It’s best not to be next to someone, but it’s unavoidable when traffic is thick. On a motorcycle, you can see very well compared to most autos, but for that to help you, you need to be constantly taking advantage of that by staying alert and mindful.

          6. Definitely. I’m very aware. Just my nature.. I don’t think I could wear one of those full faced helmets. aside from being very claustiphobic, it would probably cut back on your eye sight range of view.

          7. I can assure you they don’t cut down vision. Spend 200 on one at the very least you will love it when it starts getting chilly in the fall. If you absolutely hate it sell it on Craigslist for 50 less.

          8. I’ll be honest with you. I don’t want to wear a full faced helmet while riding a harley. I have never seen a harley rider, in my life where anything but a half helmet. So that’s what I wear. If you hit your head, they will protect you. it is dot approved. And yes, Image is important. Maybe it shouldn’t be, but it is.

          9. Statistically you are more likely to hit your jaw.
            But i can see you have made up your mind.
            Ride safe out there.
            Don’t be so worried about the image enjoy the ride.

  5. What is this with all the Anti-Harley Riders comments?
    Just because you ride one does not mean you are want
    to look bad. Many like the ride. Ride whatever you please.
    What bothers me are riders that whine up their engine and
    Hurt your ears. Then-on a busy highway. That is their time
    to barely passing a car to get into another lane. Then they
    Begin their race with a buddy. I think not caring about themselves
    And others to just experience speed is worse than what
    Someone wears.

  6. The loud pipes saves lives BS cracks me up. Why is it that 99% of the loud pipe people dress all in black, and most of them wear the thinest, smallest helmets they can. If they were to wear some visible, or even reflective clothing and a decent helmet, then I might buy their safety BS. It is about being cool and looking tough not safety. They dont want to wear a “dorky” hi vis vest, but I should suffer their loud ass pipes inside my own home. Eat my shit

    1. If you were a bright orange jacket, I will personally laugh in your face and call you a fucking geek. Yes, Image is everything. Lets be honest. Nobody wants to look like a total fag.

      1. I agree, racing in the streets and revving it up really help my image of guys in The Army. They are so aro grant. They do not get that it makes them look like they have to prove how bad they are. But it does the opposite. They lose respect. The speed is 25. These clowns need to be on base. Not living in a quiet neighborhood that is until they moved in.
        Last Saturday, one of them was playing with his bike at 8AM. On a Saturday-until 8:30. This is no longer my battle. I know they are going to start pissing people off. So be it.
        The same guy came within inches of hitting me one night. I was leaving our neighborhood and had the right away. I was in my lane. He was passing a parked car in front of him -he does not wait behind the car to let me pass. Instead goes in the middle of the street. If he had hit me, it would have been his fault. We looked right at each other. Eventually you will pay a price if you continue to be recklass. A neighbor even asked them how they managed to get permission to live off base. It is because one has a daughter. One that was bragging how he was a big Asshole. I said you have that right.
        I end with-there are plenty of motorcycle guys that are decent. They love to ride. Others seem to ride to have an excuse to act like jerks. In reality they are playing with their live and others. But l do not think they have a clue.

  7. I find Harley people less annoying than those that ride crotch rockets. They are usually the ones going in and out of traffic. A relative was on a motorcycle. He was hit and flew off his car. He died.
    Your image of all Harley people is not true.
    My ex is not a d. He likes to ride, he also obeys the laws. Waves also.

    I am a Women. My problem are 2 Army guys that moved in down the street. They both have motorcycles. They like to rev their bikes before they take off or when they get home. It is just too much.
    Now they have 2 friends who have joined their little group. I will be driving in our neighborhood and all 4
    will be behind me-tailing me. It has happened 3 times.

    What the F do you do when they are acting like jerks???? I motioned for them to pass me in a no pass zone.

    The next time, all 4 passed me in our neighborhood. I am getting tired of it.

    Today, 2 of them were behind me. I motioned to stop tailing me. Then just go around me.
    They both pass me. The last one is driving with his hands in the air going down the hill. It seems to
    delight him. It is just away to bug me. Well it worked.. This time I went to their house.

    I said, we have to talk. No response. So I just said no more tailing me. LEAVE me alone.
    Only constructive advice is needed. Guys, I really need help.

  8. Every morning between 5:30 and 6, there is this fucking asshole with straight pipes that goes barreling by my house well above the speed limit. It wakes everybody up and rattles our windows. It’s so fucking inconsiderate and selfish of these assholes to subject the rest of us to that shitty Harley rumble. I just don’t know why the cops don’t ticket them because if you have a car with an excessively loud exhaust, you will get a ticket and have to get it fixed. In the warm weather, these asswipes come out of the woodwork like cockroaches. All I want is some piece and quiet. Loud pipes save lives is bullshit. If that were the case, then the exhaust pipes should be facing forward. Kinda like an ambulance siren that faces forward. You hear the sirens getting louder as they approach you, but as soon as they pass, the sound level decreases dramatically. Also, when was the last time you heard an ambulance siren and knew where it was coming from? Only when you get a visual of the flashing lights do you know where it is coming from. How about wearing brighter colors, a full helmet, keeping your headlight on and using your horn. Oh that’s right, the horn isn’t loud enough. So instead of getting an aftermarket horn, you dicks resort to straight pipes. Look at the BMW and Honda riders (especially the Goldwing). They drive safely and courteously and wear reflective/protective gear. That little salad bowl on your head doesn’t do shit when your cranium slams into a curb. I hope you all end up like Gary Busey.

  9. Harley Riders from my 40 years of riding and i don’t mean riding 3 months a year i mean riding 12 months a year winter cold snow rain slush the whole thing, The clear majority of HD riders ruin the experience for all riders loud obnoxious inferior machines overpriced under powered junk and yet they ride around like its the best MC ever produced, They wait until the temperature is above 60 and out they come scowls on their faces girl on the back or with a friend all badass drives me crazy after riding all winter seeing these posers, i never wave to those ass hats ive got more respect to the scooter riders i see in Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb than those warm weather tough guys , The truth of the matter is ride what you like ride what is affordable and maintenance wise price for parts modern bikes and pay no attention to those morons dont get me wrong ive known one or two Harley riders who worked hard and saved and bought the bike they like theyre nice guys but far and few, Remember this when the temp drops or it rains those rough and tough guys run inside

    1. Many do not need to ride their bike in the winter. That’s what a car is for. Riding a bike is for enjoyment. Try going food shopping with a bike. riding a bike in the cold weather sucks. I’d never want to do it. Guys that live in Cali, don’t have to worry about that.

      1. If I need to transport people or cargo, I use my car. I have rain gear, but on those days where it’s really coming down hard, or the first rain in a while, I’ll go to the car for safety reasons with respect to the other cage drivers who forget how to drive. Still, 19 out of 20 times it’s the bike.

        1. This is coming from someone who is too chicken shit to ride when other cars are on the road. I have taken the bike out late at night, but i’m not confident enough to ride with other cars yet. How do you get yourself to get out there? Just bite the bullet and do it? How do you go up hill in bumper to bumper traffic. that thought worried me.

  10. Ah, so you bring the Hell’s Angels into the debate. Bottom line there is that they’re just a bunch of shithead criminals who you should despise. You may think they’re “bad ass” or “cool,” but anyone or any group that traffics in drugs – some of which end up killing kids – is nothing more than a sack of shit.

    1. Hell’s Angels do this “job” because they didn’t measure up to the responsibilities of real men. Cue dick-swinging costume, attitude and hawg in attempt to to fool themselves into thinking they are real men for the rest of their pathetic, parasitic lives.

      1. You are aware that many if not most hells angels have families and kids they support and take care of? Just cause they do things differently, who are you to judge.

        1. My experience with HA members was direct, personal, and extremely negative. I have every fucking right to judge.

          In 1994 in TX I saw a car pull up in sight of my shop, four guys get out, remove a skinny black kid from the trunk and begin the process of beating the living fuck out of him. I ran out there and when they saw me they stuffed him back in the trunk and took off.

          Later on, the guys are caught and I’m supposed to testify. They turn out to be local HA members. HA members are sitting, patches on, in the public area. The first thing one of the men’s lawyers asks me to state for the court is my home address. The judge makes me answer it. The HA members in the audience, sending a message, pull out notepads in sync and ostentatiously write it down.

          Fuck these “family men.” Fuck everyone who wears their patch. Fuck every nazi-themed club who also sucks their dicks in order to “be allowed” the “privilege” of looking tough themselves.

          1. Well, I’m not a member of any club. I wouldn’t even call myself a biker. I’m a complete newbie. Just bought my first bike. Still actually learning how to ride it. Maybe watching Sons of anarchy make them out to be cooler than they really are. But just like the mafia, who can be ruthless, violent and killers, can often times be loving fathers and husbands. It’s just the world they live in.

  11. Maybe you have never been to a big city like LA or even Miami where there’s 200 crotchrocketeers splitting lanes. Our group includes all types of bikes and we’re all pretty laid back. We usually wave to everyone, being from Florida it comes naturally. When these rants become personal ya’ll are bringing yourselves down to ignorance levels. And btw we have riders from all walks of life. Now let’s focus on the bigger issues, hunger, racism,North Korean threats…the list goes on! And that Hells Angel ,or Warlock will beat your little pussy ass! So choose your battles wisely! Yo!

  12. So…first things first… The bike you ride does not predetermine wether you are an asshole or not. I ride an Amercian bike and follow traffic laws and don’t need to rev my bike up and down the street all day. There are many more like me riding American and Japanese bikes. An asshole is an asshole on any car.
    Secondly, off-road bikes are the real “man bikes?” Honestly, I love motocross as much as I like street riding, but I would never say off road bikes are more manly. I ride my street bike for freedom and it allows me to see more of my beautiful countryside instead of the inside of a mud track. Also, even though off road is dangerous…last I checked, trees don’t move and automobiles do.
    Loud pipes? Really? How esle do you imagine we grab the attention of the 90% of the people on the road who are texting and watching their phone. Loud pipes save lives…but people have to use when it is appropriate to rev on them. I also agree that being woken up by a group of bikers at the butt crack of dawn really sucks…but being woken up by a two stroke chainsaw or a loud lawn mower sucks also. It’s NOT a bike thing.

  13. My drug dealing a$$hole neighbor who rides up and down the streets all day revving every f*cking vehicle he owns to redline all the time waking my wife, infant and me up sucks. Guy owns a Dodge Ram, straight pipe. Charger with Hemi, straight pipe. Honda Shadowline, baffles removed and some sort of street bike he does douchy burnouts on all day long. It wakes my wife and infant up all the time. I ride my Harley barely above idle not to piss the neighbors off, and this GUY really ruins it for the rest. I hate to break it to you but I ride Harley and I respect my neighbors.

  14. Your exactly right dumb ass loud riding small cocktail compensatING fuck pick old bitchin faggots that I would take on one by one. Shut that piece of mechanical shit up. I’m rooting for the deers here 8n Illinois . I hate these bastards with a passion. Every time they rip n roar I wanna pull em 9ff that two wheel er and beat their deaf ass fucker and fuck Harley-Davidsons that’s right I hope it Rea he’s corporate at Harley shut that fuck8n wanna be man bicycle up or I’ll shove those drag pipes up your wife’s corporate ass then beat you with them you fuckin deaf idiot.

    1. What about a lawn mower thats really loud? or a garbage truck that’s loud. Or a modified sports car? What about those things. They are all loud. Where’s the hate for them?

      1. Oh I hate all of them too. Shitboxes with no baffling and coffee can tips, two-stroke landscaping at 6 am, fucking neighbors with their own personal fucking dog kennel going crazy the whole time they aren’t home. None of it is as loud or as deliberate as an uncorked Harley. Why can’t people just be a man about something and lock their own shit down so other people don’t have to deal with them all the time.

        1. I just bought a harley. I can guarantee I won’t be revving the engine late at night or pretty much anywhere. If’ i’m sitting in my driveway in the middle of sat afternoon, maybe I will. but not just riding around. No need for that.

  15. And I’m a 285lb bodybuilder, who’s dabbled in mma. Trust me, I don’t need a bike or a harley to make me a badass. I was a badass long before I got a bike. Little man…..

    LOL. Audey Murphy at 5′ 6″ and 135, he was a real bad ass. No need to put down a smaller men.

  16. Hey! There are American bikes that aren’t Whoreleys. Victory and Indian, made by Polaris. Quiter, faster, better looking, more reliable, better handling, and far fewer asshats riding them.

  17. So, unless you dress up in a cacoon of armor, your an asshole. Well, I have and many people I know feel the opposite. those that wear all that gear are the assholes. Whats the point of riding a bike, if you are going to prepare for death everytime you ride. Why not drive cautious, but be comfortable as well. If I’m riding in 90 degree weather, I am not going to wear full gear. Jeans, and maybe long shirt or hoodie. That’s it. Don’t like it, tough shit. Too loud for ya, tough shit.

    Financing a bike is not renting it. haha, Maybe you should learn what a secured loan is. You still own the bike, even if you finance it. The true measure of ownership is, can you modify it? yes, you can. if you rent or lease something, you can’t modify it.. Can you sell it, if you choose? Of course you can. Again, renting or leasing, you can’t do that. It’s cause you own it, whether you finance or not.

    The pussies who “we don’t like harleys” blah blah blah. Same people that didn’t like heavy metal back in the day. it’s the devils music they say. Well, many enjoy you hatred. The more you hate us, the more we like it. This way, we know we are doing something right.

    1. Good to hear from one of the many “badass” accountants who ride a “badass” HD. Or maybe you’re an orthodontist. Whatever. Bottom line is you get off on sitting on a 100hp vibrator. What a pussy.

      1. I’d love to see you go up to a hells angels and call any of them a pussy. they’d beat your ass within an inch of your life, then take your woman. As you wake up in the hospital a month later after being in coma, to learn your woman is now his woman. A real man, who lives how he wants.

        And I’m a 285lb bodybuilder, who’s dabbled in mma. Trust me, I don’t need a bike or a harley to make me a badass. I was a badass long before I got a bike. Little man…..

        1. Bullshit. You’re just a fatass wannabe and we all know it.

          Nice to see you advocate rape. Just hope your wife doesn’t find put or she’ll beat your ass.

          Bottom line is I just ridculed your fake identity and made you cry. You’re pathetic.

          1. Cry? on the internet anyone can claim to be anything. Which is true. Why do you hate harley riders? What about guys that modify their car exhaust, and make that real loud? or blast their music? What about crotch rocket riders that zip in out of out traffic, going a hundred mph? There are assholes every where. Not just harley riders.

            I’m not married, thank god. And I’m not faking any identity…

          2. You’re pathetic and in all likelihood a fatass. If you even own a Harley you undoubtedly hang out with a bunch of other RUB pussies who walk around with dinner plate sized testosterone patchs on their asses. You’re totall bullshit. Pathetic.

          3. You’re just a hater. haha I’ve run into all forms of haters. Whether it’s little dudes complaining about “you’re just big cause you do steroids” haters are everywhere. haha

          4. Wrong again donut boy. I reserve my hate for wusses like you. Fucking pathetic poser. We’ve all see your type here before. You might weigh 285, but it’s all in that fat Dunkin’ Donut built gut and those man boobs of yours. MMA? Right. Whatever. What’s next, asswipe? Let me guess … Oh yeah, you’re an ex Navy SEAL and you killed Bin Laden? Sure you did. You’re so full of bullshit it’s amazing. Hell’s Angels? Yeah, you saw that in a movie once. Those dicks would take one look at you with your pocket protector and your star wars figurines and laugh their asses off at you, just like everyone reading your posts is.

          5. Right. Don’t forget to pick up your testosterone patches and dick enlargement pills on the way home from the office. Your mom probably already picked up all of your Harley t-shirts from the dry cleaner for you. Loser.

          6. I’m sure a wuss like you gets regular testosterone injections right up your ass. Bet your gay pride leathers look great when you’re on your “bad ass” HD.

  18. Yup, some guys are just D-BAGS when it comes to motorcycles. You’ve got all these Harley morons who act like they built the bike or something. They dress head to toe in HD gear, like they work at the dealer. HD sees a sucker in everyone that buys into that crap.
    There’s this J.O. that works at the local muffler shop here where I live, he gets a new Street Glide every two years. Trades in the old one (takes a screwin) and gets the newest model. He gets it customized too well before he even picks it up. Super loud pipes. He drives it to work on nice days and stands by it detailing it when not busy doing a brake job. Then at the end of the day he rides it home to his absolute dump of a house in town. Lives by himself of course and also thinks he’s king of the bowling alley. Small town trash in debt forever to HD. Acts like he’s the MAN but if you actually saw where he lived and see what he is you’d laugh. Keeps the new HD to feel like a big shot. I think that’s why most people finance HD bikes. Dumb asses. Anybody can rent a bike.

  19. someone said it all: Loud pipes are the trademark of antisocial assholes and Loud pipes save lives’ is stupid-ass nonsense. I have known many riders and lots of them are nice guys and ride their bike “quietly” and responsibly.

    My problem is with the one that think making their motorcycle as loud as they can is justifiable.

    I have one of these ass-wipe living in front of my house. Real bottom-feeder. I swear the idiot masturbate in front of his straight pipe Harley. I see a few posts here that shows the same bottom feeder mentality. We all know the type…
    Anyway, he’ll sit on it and rev it for a few minutes , walks around it a hundred times., then goes around the neighborhood with his retard German helmet.

    These riders are just a bunch of insecure douchebag feeling the urge to be noticed. Grow a pair and stop acting like little girl requiring attention. Even better.. My message to these loud Harley asshole is: stuck you lips around your pipe and breath for a good 5 to 10 minutes.. you’ll do society a favour.

    Thank you!

  20. Yes we have an urge to be noticed! This is because the folks in automobiles seem to run us over if we don’t make ourselves HEARD.

    Thank you!

    1. Then why don’t we all ride around with air-driven klaxon warnings everywhere we go, through quiet neighborhoods, etc? I’ve been riding for over 15 years, well over 200k miles and I’ve never needed to wake up everyone in their beds everywhere I went. Maybe you ride like shit.

  21. I agree 100 percent! Assholes on motorcycles! Have one asshole here who has modified his pipes and wakes me up every morning at 7 am blowing through the community! He stops occasionally to rev his bike and then blows through town. Arrogant pricks.

  22. Harley riders are basically stupid. They are generally victoms of SDS, which is small dick syndrom. Get a life. If your penis is too small don’t put it on us. It is in fact your problem!

  23. I have great respect for many riders. My father-in-law rode well into his 70’s. He was a great guy and a good neighbor.
    But from my 10th floor condo, I can hear maybe 50 bikes a day go blasting by.
    That doesn’t even count the weekend ’round ups’ – the groups of a dozen or so butt-heads, weaving in and out of night traffic, annoying the shit out of anybody within a half a mile.
    If you pulled that same shit in a Ferrari or even a lowly BMW, you be (rightly) branded a massive douchebag. And you’d likely find your car filled of phlegm every time you pulled up to a stop sign.
    So why should riders be any different? Asshats are asshats.
    The whole ‘Loud pipes save lives’ is stupid-ass nonsense.
    If that made any sense at all why not hacksaw the mufflers off of every damn vehicle in sight. Every taxi and minivan and school bus and clapped-out Buick and rusty dump truck out there?
    Loud pipes are the trademark of antisocial assholes who can’t otherwise make a mark in this world. Two wheels, four, six, eighteen, whatever. No difference.
    And with all respect due to the decent-neighbor riders out there, you guys are getting overwhelmed by a huge percentage of antisocial assholes in your community.
    It’s high time everybody says ‘Fuck you’ right back. Everybody.

  24. I love how some of the D-Bags on Harley Davidson bikes always assume others don’t own one or bash them because they can’t afford one. Makes me laugh. Let’s look at the term “afford’ for a minute. My definition of that is I can just go buy it and it won’t make a difference in my finances. So by this definition I can go buy any motorcycle I want. What most morons do is go get a Harley and FINANCE it. What this means is they can’t afford it. If you have to finance a toy then you are the one we should be laughing at. Your definition of the term afford is really meaningless. Anyone can buy something on time but if you HAVE to then you can’t afford it.

    I see it all the time, the guy on the polished, extra loud Electra Glide, maybe his “ol lady” perched on the back in flip flops, tank top and shorts. No helmets or gear of any kind. The guy is too proud and too skilled to use any of that. He won’t crash. His oblivious ol’lady just as dumb as him, no safety gear whatsoever. They’re too cool for that, they need to keep up the badass biker, tough as nails image. Oh yeah, and at every stop light they have to blip the throttle every 4 seconds and then again twice before they actually let the clutch out to move forward. Must be in the HD owner’s manual. Does this keep them running??? Follow them home and 9 times out of 10 they will live in some dump of a house or a trailer. Yet the bike is the main priority, it goes in the shed and the burned out 1990 F-150 continues to rust in the yard. Can’t afford a new truck because of the Harley payment and smokes.

    I find it humorous that I’ll see a group of guys all on the same exact bike. I’ll see 10 guys riding down the highway or at the gas station and every one of them on the same model bike. Electra Glides. Every one of them trying to be the other although they’d have you think that they are all individuals. They all want to be one another, none of them can think for themselves. They are all dressed the same too. Comical.

    I went to the HD dealer and looked at the bikes. I’ve ridden several different models including the infamous Electra Glide. I love any kind of bike including HD. But what I hate is the shit attitude given off by many of the owners. And the thing about that is, a lot of these jerks just go out and by a Harley with little to no riding experience and suddenly they feel superior to everyone else. As if they are the kings of the road because they are financing a $25000 bike. Morons. I’ve got YEARS of riding under my belt and miles and miles. All sorts of different bikes. But, for some reason my choice of bike speaks for me and seems to tell HD owners I’m a noob. I chose to buy a Yamaha. It does anything I need it to and at half the price. I hear HD owners bash metrics, say there junk, blah blah. They say there junk because of the price. Well, if your bike cost over $20000 and mine was just over $10000, your bike better be twice the bike mine is. If it isn’t, what the hell did you just pay for??? OH YEAH, the image!!! Idiots.

    HD bikes are just not worth it to me. They’re damn fine machines and sound great (stock) but I’m smart enough to understand that I don’t need a motorcycle to think I am impressing other people. I just need it to impress me. I couldn’t care less about riding past a group of people and making sure they hear my straight pipes. All this does is annoy them and make them hate guys on bikes. Apparently most HD riders feel that everyone is looking at them in awe or something, as they ride by with their chin high up and their straight face. Many of these guys act like 6 year old kids on their bikes. Look at me, look at me!

    1. I’ve been riding for a looooong time, had a few different bikes – including a H-D. I wish I could say you’re completely wrong, I really do. But I’ve seen what you’re talking about way too often.

  25. Whomever wrote this crybaby rant can suck it. Quit whining like a little girl, you’re probably a libtard anyway! Get a life you jealous, envious POS!

  26. It’s very rare that I see motorcyclists actually operating their bikes in a prudent manner. On the freeways is where those douchebags really “illuminate.” When you’re driving at 65 or 70 and you have some cretin on his two-wheeled super bike blast past you at 100+ MPH you wish he’d wipeout. I’ve seen it happen and I have no mercy whatsoever for those jerks that lose their lives or are severely injured due to their hyper foolishness. it doesn’t matter if those guys are on Harley’s or those Japanese super bikes they all ride them like absolute tards.

  27. Harley riders are the lamest losers there are “look at me I’m making lots of noise”… Seriously, it’s pathetic that adults still need to make everyone look at them by being annoying. I laugh when I see these morons go by… All riding the same bike, with some lamo leather jacket with an embroider symbol.. Can’t they just go fuck each other quietly?

  28. I snicker everytime I see one of those idiots with a bandanna around their face like they just robbed a train in the old west. It’s all about image to those people. It’s about being seen and heard. Most like to congregate instead of laying down miles. I never understood how riding an underpowered bike could be macho.

  29. You can’t be to smart if you overpay for a motorcycle and could get any honda, suzuki, or yamaha much cheaper and actually much better built bikes. As for the harley message of being an independent person and ride our bikes, I think not. A truly independent person picks a ride that is the most valuable and does not care what other people think. Mosly people who have kids they cannot properly financially support buy harley’s. Selfish and assholes sums most of them up. Fat dudes who should be on a peddle bikE to lose that fat gut.

    1. I rode a Yamaha V star for years! I just recently bought the Harley last year and honestly cant see how it is any better than my old Yamaha! Its just the name/stigma! I like all bikes and I loved the V Star!

      1. Need some prayers fellas! My Brother in Law crashed on his bike today! He was run off the road and sustained multiple injuries! All things aside, we need to stick together regardless of what we ride! Be safe all

  30. Hey “melon dropper.” Sounds like you’re getting a little upset. Having a bad day? Why don’t you take your penis extension out on a nice ride, maybe do some laps around a VA hospice. Make sure everyone knows what a real man is. Happy memorial day.

  31. Everyone hear is a bunch of pussies. The person that said a bike with no mufflers doesn’t add power they are wrong. Open exhaust is best for full open throttle… More power. Then there’s the people like oh my god that bike is loud. If you sold you piece of shit Mazda mini van and bought a high performance sports car would you want to hear what 400 horsepower sounds like. You would so don’t lie. If we want to ride with no gear or full gear. It is our choice. Why do you honestly care if we wreck and die or if we make it. It doesn’t affect your life. All these people that complain have probably never rode before. So when I’m on my loud as Harley and a car is about to pull out in front of me I wrap my throttle and 9 times out of 10 the hear it and stop. So loud pipes do save lives. I never realized America is so full of whiny little girls.

    1. So it’s all about safety? Then since you’re so committed to safety I’m sure you’re wearing high vis colors, spine protection and a full-face helmet.

      I for one ride. But only for the last 27 years.

    2. Anonymous, you got that right! And these are the same guys who wouldnt say a word in person because I would probably drop them on their melon! I will ride what I want and how I want, say something to me on the street! I bet not

      1. Nice. That attitude certainly helps all of us who ride. And you wonder why so many cagers don’t give a crap about us. Thanks for helping out.

        1. Thats funny, you have run your mouth more than anyone on here! Look at your posts you idiot! Hard to imagine that you have many friends ass hole!

          1. Haha, you started this post CRY BABY! I want to cry about loud exhaust pipes! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

          2. Find someone who can read and have him or her read my posts for you. I didn’t “whine” about loud exhaust systems. I pointed out what certainly appears to be the inconsistency of the “loud pipes save lives” position and the actions of those who spout that argument. Again, if you’re all about safety, fine, just be consistent and wear high vis colors, spine protection and a full coverage helmet. If you aren’t taking those safety oriented steps and all you’re doing is running a loud exhaust, well your safety argument is pretty disingenuous.

            Bottom line: I’m a long-time motorcycling advocate. Been riding for 27 years. I’m on the side of people who ride.

            Read my posts. Literacy is a beautiful thing.

          3. Every time you post, you twist your stance! You keep changing your angles to make sense! First you hate loud pipes, then its Harley riders etc, etc! I have your literacy too! Good day

          4. I see clearly what I’m dealing with here. I’m sure tax time spawns utter confusion in your trailer. Life must be immensely challenging for you. Let me boil it down:

            1. “Loud pipes save lives” is your justification for a loud exhaust system.

            2. So therefore, you are – as you stated – all about safety, hence the loud pipes.

            3. So then, you must also be wearing high vis clothing, protective gear such as a spine protector and a high quality, full coverage helmet. After all, you’re all about safety.

            So the question is, are you consistent in your actions to be as safe as possible? Do you take the steps I just outlined above (for the third or fourth time in this exchange)? Are the loud pipes all about safety as far as you’re concerned?

            So, what’s your answer?

            Take your time. I’m sure this is rather difficult for you. Just try to remember what you wore the last time you rode

          5. Ha, a 325k house, boat, motorcycle, camper! Now I see, you cant afford a Harley so lets hate them and their riders!

          6. To simplify things for you, I am in the LE community and I hold rank! I used to run the coroner unit and I have responded to many motorcycles crashes! At least 7o% of them have been “crotch rockets”! When I run lights & sirens I can still hear the loud bikes which is good! Nothing is full proof, if the loud pipes save SOME lives then I say its justifiable! You are always going to hear something before you see it so your contention that wearing bright clothes is better isnt true! I agree that both together are your best option! Ride how you want, and let others do the same! We all love to ride, whether its sport bikes or cruisers! When we ride there are some of both worlds and we get along!

          7. I agree with much of what you wrote. As I wrote a few posts back, I’m a big motorcycling advocate, and I make every effort to promote riding. As motorcyclists, we’re all better off if we promote riding to the general public. We want that mom in the minivan full of kids to look out for us. We want all of the cagers give a damn about our lives too. Going around pissing off people is counter to that. One of the big beefs many people have with bikes is the noise. So my point is if you say you’re focus is safety and that you run loud pipes for increased safety (as opposed to doing so just to be a prick) then go all in for safety and take every step possible.

            I have to say I’ve ridden for 27 years, and I’ve had a few close calls, but no impact with a vehicle or pavement. I’ve ridden Honda, HD, Yamaha, Triumph and BMW. Some I liked, some I didn’t. My HD was pretty loud and I had two near misses on it. A good friend of mine got killed by a left hook accident a year ago last September (on his wedding anniversary; his wife almost rode with him). He was on a loud HD, open, flat, straight, two-lane rural state highway. The driver said ahe never saw him and didn’t hear him. I think many if not most new cars are so well insulated that even a loud bike’s exhaust doesn’t get through until it’s too late.

            Bottom line: assume you’re invisible. Be a solid representative of motorcycling. Let’s win friends in the cages, not make enemies.

            Ride on.

  32. I always thought when I got to the age of 50 plus that I’d be the old man complaining about the young kids and their noise, not a bunch of mid life crisis jerks my age who buy Harley’s so they can be that bad ass they’ve always wanted to be. I out grew using noise on a vehicle to gain attention when I removed my baseball cards from the spokes of my pedal bike. These clowns don’t realize that people are laughing at them.

      1. I like the whole “Loud pipes save lives” mantra these guys use, playong the safety card which they see as unassailable. Well, if it really is all about safety, and not about being a “bad ass” then it would only follow that they would wear lime green or orange high vis jackets or safety vests. And spine protectors. And full coverage helmets. But gee, so some reason they don’t. Hmmmm … Maybe the liud pipes are less about safety and more about being an obnoxious asshole.

        1. What a joke, and every sport bike rider wears a helmet and full gear! Not! Some Harley rider probably took your girl! Later

          1. Did i say sport bike riders did as I said? No. The discussion here, in case you didn’t have the reading skills to notice, is about HD riders and loud pipes. I hope you pay attention on the road better than you do when you try to read.

  33. Correct. …harley riders = dirty, greasy, sheeple, asses, posers or just for people who a) can’t ride faster than 45mph
    b) just look too dumb or FAT to ride sport bikes
    c) need that harley for their identity as a bad ass because they really are a middle aged, overweight perverts in need of validation.
    The loud pipes are just for attention….they will say that “loud pipes save lives”. …they do not. This has been proven statistically many times in transportation safety as well as decibel / hearing tests. Plus, most people in a cage have their windows rolled up and radio turned up. …so they can’t hear your annoying and illegal, er, I mean life saving loud pipes. Nobody is scared of you or impressed by you. Get over it, your harley and yourself! I’ve owned a harley, honda, and a few others. ….the only mc i owned /rode where I truly hated the culture and fellow riders wad the HARLEY DAVIDSON. No I did not spell that wrong. …HARDLY DAVIDSON. PLEASE NOTE : the sport bike riders who are doing wheelies on the freeway are dicks, as well. Don’t worry they will not last long ….they will either be a stain on the pavement soon, or they will total the bike while breaking their back or neck. All can get along. …..if they just try!

    1. So are the sport bike guys who ride wheelies on the freeway and have girls on the back wearing only bikinis! So you all are punks, thats fair!

  34. Dude, I don’t care if you move over, I certainly don’t expect you to. But most people do move over, even when it’s not necessary…and if I waved at every person that did so I’d be riding with one hand 75% of my commute. I’m just…tired of saying thank you. Thanks bro, thanks dude, hey thanks man, oh cool thanks for movin over, much appreciated, awesome thanks, you’re cool thanks ok thanks no no dont move over oh ok thanks ughhh thanks thank thanak thankthankthankstnthankthsnksthanks

  35. Totally agree! Cheesy owners thinking they’re cool revving their pieces of junk and annoying everybody. Gixxer FTW! Harley Davidson sucks!!!

    1. Harley riders aren’t alone in being annoying cocks. ANY bike with muffling deleted is obnoxious. Modern catalyzed sportbikes don’t even gain by doing this anymore, so don’t be a dick. Delete your converters if you must, but leave the damn muffler!

  36. Loud pipes don’t save lives. An annoying punk who lived in my neighborhood will a very loud bike got killed a couple of months ago after a car pulled out in front of him. Well, we have one less dumbass to worry about now, and I don’t feel bad about feeling this way. The problem is that now another annoying dumbass has taken his place in our neighborhood. I just got him on camera popping the front end right beside a bunch of middle school kids walking home from the school bus. The bottom line is that if a person has to draw attention to himself by having a loud bike or riding through neighborhoods with the front end raised, he’s most likely an insecure idiot who’s lucky that he’s survived as long as he has. I’m looking forward to the day when somebody pulls out in front of him or plows over top of him before he causes somebody else to get hurt.

    1. Well you guys really set the maturity level real high, mentioning lack of penis as a reason for loud exhaust! I dont care what you think, ride, or wish you rode or for how long! You can rant all day long, I have more important things to do! Ride safe lane splitters!

  37. The “loud pipes save lives” safety mantra and the alleged commitment to safety stance taken by harley riders – and riders of other makes – would certainly be more convincing if these same riders wore helmets, spine protectors, other saftey gear, bright colored clothing and rode with their headlights on. However, in states in which there are no helmet laws (for the record, i oppose helmet laws whilw insupport the wearing of helmets), i rarely see Harley riders wearing helmets. And the ones I do see wearing helmets are nearly always wearing the next to useless skull helmets. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a harley rider wearing bright colors.

    So much for the loud pipes being an indicator of a true and genuine commitmemt to safety. Besides, if safety were so important then they’d be driving Volvos.

    Before you get your panties all bunched up, I’ve been riding for 27 years. And yes, i had a harley (it was my second bike), and i sold it because while it looked cool, the reliability was low and the performance was equally bad, while the price was very high. When i say the performance was low, don’t lump me in with the idiot rice boys who ride at extreme speeds, take stupid chances and endanger lives. I view high performance as a safety issue. High performance – at legal and safe speeds – means improved braking, better collision avoidance/handling and acceleration that makes left turns safer and improves collision avoidance.

    And before you jump pn me, yes, i wear high vis colors, every bit of protective gear i can, rude with my headlight on, etc. by doing so I’ve had only a coiple of very minor issues over the course of about 300,000 miles of riding, and one of them involved a guy on a harley who changed lanes nearly into me.

    Anyway, whether riding a motorcycle, a bicycle or driving a car/truck, always assume you are invisible to everyone else on the road and don’t act like an asshole.

    Finally, remember that when you are out there on a motorcycle, you are a visible amabassador for the sport. That guy in the car you flipped off? Well, he just might be a voter and all of us who ride just might need his vote the next time a pro-motorcycle issue appears on a ballot. And maybe the next time you see a car on the side of the road, you stop and offer to help.

    Think about it.

  38. This rant is immature at best! Loud pipes DO help draw attention to motorcyclists and prevent cars from pulling out on them etc, etc…. Just like emergency vehicles have sirens to put people on alert! My exhaust has kept me out of trouble numerous times, times that NO amount of training could have helped! You might encounter a couple loud motorcycles per week, considering most motor vehicles on the road are cars and you get that annoyed at a loud pipe that you might encounter for a few minutes? Teenage boys? Only perverts think of this type of crap. What are you guys, 15? And yes, I ride the best American motorcycle, Harley Davidson! I am also married with a beautiful wife, 3 children, a dog, and an above average penis! I have some advice for you haters, GET A LIFE before its too late!

    1. Perry’s noise rant is legitimate.

      I have 15 years and more than 300,000 motorcycling miles. Quite a bit of that has been lane splitting while commuting in the SF bay area and southern California. Funnily enough, I’ve never needed a loud pipe to stay out of trouble.

      Sorry to hear about your penis insecurity.

  39. I’m sick of Harley riders who are looking for some stupid image too!

    Can’t get over these open face helmets designed to scrape your face off. You’d only wear one if your looking for “the right image”. Trouble is a Harley rider doesn’t realize that everyone else on the road things their “right image” looks completely stupid.

    I ride a sports bike with complete protection. I ride it for the same reasons anyone might drive a fast car through the mountains – it fun.

    Harleys are not fun! They handle like a home made billy cart, negotiating a bend, with two flat tyres! There ‘re engine performance is pathetic for the size, and the seating position is always completely wrong for speed and handling. So what’s the Point??? Oh Yeah I almost forgot – the stupid image!

    I find them completely embarrassing.

    And in 35 years of riding, I have not found a single Harley rider that can keep up!

  40. I don’t wave as much as I’d like to, because when lane-splitting, I really want both hands on the bars more than at any other time. Rest assured, though that I really do appreciate it when I see someone move.

    It shows they’re looking out for me and know I’m there long before I reach them.

    I have a quiet bike, btw. I don’t feel “loud cans save lives.” I DO feel that “lost sleep ruins lives.”

  41. Harley homos have a big secret: they love stinky man ass that’s been sitting on Harley seat all day. Lick up the thigh, around to the ass, that’s what Harley guys do when it’s dark and they done run outta their Budweiser!

  42. Kay Rhodes, do you wear a helmet? Just about every Harley insecure homo who has loud pipes says it’s for safety, but they won’t wear a helmet for safety. Also, studies have proven there is nothing safer about being an asshole with a loud bike. Think it’s smart to rev your loud ass bike next to a driver who you will then startle the hell out of?

  43. Well aren’t you just a damn cup of sunshine?!?! I can tell you don’t know a damn thing about bikers just from this dumb ass post! And honey , if you think the crotch rocket boys are better than us, nicer than us and more skilled than us… You need to go back to school. I ride a Harley… A very LOUD Harley, why? Because ignorant people like you DONT SEE US!! So I’m gonna make sure you hear me. I’m am polite, friendly and believe it or not a very nice old lady once you get to know me. All I’m suggesting is maybe you should try one out.. You know.. A BIG BOY BIKE. Maybe then we would at least THINK you were a bit “COOLER”. Don’t knock it till you try it! And don’t judge us all by one dumb rider! Have a wonderful day!

  44. Brilliant ” )

    “And unfortunately: the more American the bike, the bigger an asshole the rider. In all probability, the guys riding rice rockets are probably the most likely to be good riders and good citizens on the road. The closer you get to a Harley and a typical American bike, the more of an asshole the rider becomes. When you get to the guys riding bikes where they have to reach above their heads to grab the handlebars and they removed the front brake, you’re at the rectum of human decency.”

  45. I LOVE motorcycle and ride just about every day on and off road. This post is hilarious and spot on! My favorite motorcycle saying is “anything on two wheels is fun” now I’ll have to add “expect when driven like douche-nuggets as described above”

  46. I live about 3/4 away from I95 in a fairly rural area. I was awoken at 6:50 AM on Saturday morning by a douchebag Harley rider douching his way up the interstate. No joke, I could still hear that asshole 5 minutes later. That prick was 5 miles away, and I could still hear his hunk of shit.

    I loathe these Harley retards, with their loud pipes and lies about “Loud pipes save lives!” Hey loud Harley rider: if you’re so concerned about saftey, PUT ON A HELMET.

    As I said, I live in a rural area, so it’s white trash hillbilly heaven around here. EVERY Harley rider makes his pipes loud. EVERY Harley rider buys all the overpriced clothing, the bumper stickers, etc. I don’t know how they can afford the stuff considering how much they spend on their Oxycontin habits!

    Anyway, these idiots are as loud as they can be (at all hours of the day and night), many of them drive ON THE PAINTED CENTERLINE!!! (they do this for safety, of course they say, and because the road doesn’t have a groove from where cars normally drive). I pulled up behind one of these small-dicked losers at a STOP sign one day, and he just sat there adjusting his gloves. I waited 5, 10 seconds, beeped the horn. He slowly turned around and looked at me, shrugged his shoulder. I yelled “GO” and he just sat there for a couple seconds — he had to be defiant, he’s a douchebag, of course — so I hit the horn again, and he drove.

    I love it when these shitbirds crash and die, or lose a few limbs. I have no sympathy for them. You want to be an asshole and annoy everyone within a coouple mile radius? Go die. And I hope more idiots who ride the centerline get their left foot ripped off.

    I hate these bastards. Hey HARLEY bitches: NO ONE is impressed by your loud bikes, except your fellow bitch brothers, and maybe the 13 year old kid down the street. Oh wait, I just figured out why you Harley guys like loud pipes: it helps you pick up young teen boys! Now go die, Earth doesn’t need you.

  47. Talk about rattling windows. I love cranking up my Hemi powered 1964 A990 Dodge. So much more fun and scary at the sametime, especially with the uncorked headers, life is short….annoy somebody.

  48. He’s right on there are riders who ride a certain brand of bike that ruin the experience for other riders with their loud over weight over priced under powered machines thinking their bike is superior to all with the scowl on the face and sometimes a girl on the back with bad attitudes , loud pipes annoy lives not save lives and why must they continually rev the thing like it going to stall , I’ve been riding motorcycles for forty years now and yes safety first and America gives you the freedom to ride what you want to ride affordability , durability , and ease of maintenance and price of parts all weigh in , My best revenge for this is when I ride my side car bike in below zero conditions snow Rain whatever the weather and I get the one finger salute from the real bikers in their nice warm cars and trucks any way have a nice day

  49. All day long our windows rattle from the noise of assholes gunning their choppers. Pure assholes, should be illegal.

  50. I ride a motorcycle and love it. It is not the safest form of transportation and some times I do question this, but I take responsibility for my actions and therefore feel the decision should be mine. There are times it seems that traffic is particularly dangerous, people seem very wrapped up in their own problems and worries, and are capable of putting other motorists in life threatening situations due to this. Some people apparently hate motorcyclists specifically, others hate bicyclists, SUVs, minivans, there’s probably someone who hates you too. I can only speak for myself, but I’m not in it to annoy or hurt anyone, and sometimes (if I have to) I even drive a car, or walk, or take a bus. I ride mostly for the simple joy of riding, which takes quite a bit of concentration, leaving me little time to waste thinking about things like why I should hate somebody, or they’re a ‘douchebag’, or whatever. In fact, I find if I take time to be aware of my surroundings and avoid frustration with other drivers, I am a more safe rider and the trip is often more enjoyable.

    In the end this preoccupation with other’s shortcomings translates potentially to traffic fatality or injury, so I do hope we all are a little nicer than this post would lead one to believe, regardless of what vehicle we choose. In the mean time I will continue to wave at anyone who waves at me whether they are in a car, wheelchair, a bucket or whatever. If you’re nice enough to wave to me, that’s the least I can do in return.

  51. There aren’t too many motorcyclists that I encounter here in the south bay California, but whenever I do MOST of the time the motorcyclist is driving like an insolent prick. I used to think it was primarily the old fart white males in their Porsches that were the holy grail of assholes on our roadways, but it’s the old fart white guys with their “hog” between their legs who win the dim bulb asshole of the year award.

    It really doesn’t matter what the make of the motorcycle is; it can be those monotone plastic Japanese super bikes (mostly younger guys ride those) or those ugly chrome laden Harley’s (for the old farts) and the operator of such bike is 99.9% of the time an asshole thinking he’s the “all mighty.”

    Another observation that I’ve noticed is that it isn’t so much the younger motorcyclists that are cretinous assholes littering our roadways, it’s the middle-aged and older white males. How often it is that I see over weight, middle-aged, short, unattractive men dismounting their chrome(y) leather laden Harley and off pops his helmet and he’s either bald or has got a hideous Donald Trump combover that’s been pancaked by his helmet. Let’s not forget the egregious tattoos that the rider often dons. I guess these old farts “get off” on their loud bikes to try and “impress” their fellow motorists with their inane “toys.”

    I apologize for my intense rants to the iota of courteous motorcyclist out there, but I am so damn sick and tired of the insanely loud pipes and the diminutive (in stature and mentality) motorcyclists who jeopardize law abiding motorists just because they think they’ve suddenly developed super human abilities riding a motor cycle.

    Here’s another rant of mine regarding idiot motorcyclists: HID xenon headlights MUST BE BANNED on motorcycles! Even the factory installed units are horrible. For the motorcyclist to turn his front wheel and the “hot spot” of the xenon lamp is right in your eyes! A lot of good a cutoff does on a headlamp if the bike is tilted or the wheel turned. And those gay looking Harley’s with the fog lamps. Seriously, why are there fog lamps on a motorcycles? I know, just to afford other motorists more glare from the dang lighting. What ever happened to the Hella or Cibie H4 headlamps that had a really good cutoff and didn’t blind oncoming traffic? Nowadays it’s lets see how stupid our blue lighting can look and sear oncoming drivers’ retinas.

  52. The more time they spend on roads? Roads are what will tend to take you from home to work and wherever else you need to go, then back home again. I just don’t get this one.

  53. OK, there’s asswipes on both sides of this argument. A) Harley riders are douche bags, no doubt about it. The simple fact that you’d pay 5 times the amount of money for a POS American bike when you could buy a Honda that would beat it in any category imaginable, is beyond my comprehension. Paying for a name is just as gay as buying a pile of crap $100,000.00 Mercedes when you could buy a Cadillac. Harley Davidson is all about image and nothing else. They’re for old geezers, toothless white trash and rednecks. Kinda hard to be a hard ass when everyone knows you spent $20,000 for a bike. I had a Honda Shadow Aero that looked better than any Harley out there, and Harley riders would literally not even talk to me, which I did not care about. At least Harley riders drive somewhat normally.

    B) Crotch rocket riders are even bigger douche bags. If ever there was a category of “look at how fucking awesome and tough I am”, Crotch rocket riders take the medal. 19 out of every 20 Crotch rocket riders that I see on the road are driving like fucking morons, then they’re the first ones to complain that people in cars don’t see them. Kinda hard to react properly when these faggots are driving at 100 mph in a 45, and weaving in between cars. I never feel sorry for these cocks when one gets killed doing something dumb. I’ve owned a Kawi Ninja, I know how fast they are. I never drove like an asshole on my bike. Crotch rockets are for kids under 25 who act like 12 year olds showing off to a girl, have tribal tattoos and way too much testosterone, middle aged men going through a midlife crisis and foreigners. Dressing up like a faggy power ranger is not cool, sorry. How you can bitch about Harley riders having loud pipes is beyond me when crotch rockets are equally as bad or worse, then you couple that with damn near every one of them driving like a cocksack. I have RARELY seen a Harley rider drive like an asshole. Maybe once or twice. Crotch rockets I see all the time. These pricks think they’re invincible on those things. Small penis syndrome to the max. These guys are the main culprits that give motorcycle riders a bad name.

    C) People in cars drive like assholes. Especially women. I’ve ridden bikes for a long time and I can’t even begin to count the times some dumb bitch has ridden an inch off my ass in a giant SUV while blabbering or texting on a cell phone. They have no idea how fast a bike can stop compared to them. Then there’s the dickwads like the guy who wrote this gay article who hate motorcyclists because their wife won’t let them have one, or they’re too big of a fag to drive one. The reason bikes need loud exhausts is because cagers can’t pay attention to anything on the road. At least with loud pipes we have the chance someone might hear us, because they sure as hell can’t take an extra second out of their day to check twice for a biker. I agree that some exhausts are too much, but I don’t have any problem with a little extra noise. Then there’s the douche nozzles that purposely drive like asses around bikes by cutting them off and riding their tails. I can’t fathom this for the life of me but it must be a redneck thing.

    There’s no one party at fault here, the main problem is that 90% of the population have some sort of inferiority complex or some other medical condition which makes them act like assholes. Some people just get a kick out of it. Once again, I don’t get it, but it’s never gonna stop so we just have to deal with it~

  54. What is wrong with middle class people riding a Harley. Harley Davidson probably would not have the range they have today if not for the middle class getting involved with Harley motorcycles. Gone are the days where Harley’s were exclusive to bike gangs, they now have a much wider audience which has financed Harley’s research a nd development.

  55. I have noticed in California Harley riders don’t really return the wave like Mike pointed out. While stationed in Washington however, I frequently had a return wave or was waved to first from just about every bike on the road (including Harleys). Where does the camaraderie dissipate?

    Matt brought up some valid points on his opinion of the matter (Obviously there was some slight anger in his input). Riding is definitely a form of therapy for many of us riders.

    I love the first post! For the most part it strikes true! Now that I am back in college after completing my service at the ripe age of 26 I am noticing the mindset of many younger riders. Many are basically wanting to ride for the cool look factor. I ride for the fun factor and have completed 8 track days now. Whenever I suggest doing a track-day to a younger sport bike rider to gain experience and proper technique a confused/ blank face is usually returned to me.

  56. The one good thing about these assholes is that they announce their approach from afar. I’m sorry, but it is a proven fact that loud, impulsive noises can precipitate heart attacks.

    There are actually noise ordinances in most municipalities, which these entitled jerks have long ignored with impunity. Regarding the recent incident in NYC, honestly I’m not going to prejudge anyone who was involved- let it all come out at trial. I do think, though, that it’s past time for an investigation into the suspiciously cordial relations between PDs and biker gangs, not just in the city but across the nation.

  57. I ride a Harley and have my opinion of the many haters here. You should each get a life… geez what morons.

    Admittedly I do many of the following:

    I do not let a bikes pass me in my lane. Its my lane and I may need it to avoid an obstacle in road. If you ride a bike and pass me in my lane I will run you down. To the guy who says were posers… pray you never meet me.

    I have loud pipes… I once did not and grew tired of being forced out of my lane by idiots with no attention span. They are usually on cell phones either talking or texting.

    I do not ride down a center line. This is usually expected of fools on rice grinders who just got their license and think they know how to ride. Usually they do this one to many times and eventually get hurt. Good riddance… Why should I break in line. You have to wait and so should I along with every other biker. Cannot recall the last time I saw a Harley do this.

    Frequently see crotch rockets make this mistake which only adds to traffic jam. Speed kills I think also means in the wrong hands a powerful bike causes fools to blossom.
    Just because you can do 140+ just means your an idiot if you do it on a highway, especially a busy highway. When it catches up to you, and it will, again I say good riddance.

    My bike is a form of therapy after a long day. I stay in my lane and ride to feel the breeze. Prefer country roads to interstates and love passing orchards for the fragrance. I deal with trucks using mud grips for no reason kicking dirt and gravel or teenagers with no business having a license. I avoid confrontation unless you just really need a lesson.

    So in conclusion… for all you haters… consider why your really frustrated and see if your spouse can help alleviate the problem.

    I ride a bike and pay you no attention…

  58. Interesting topic about Harley riders being arseholes, but i think the point has been completely missed. We can all go on about them being arseholes which they are, but miss the obvious.

    That being, that Harley riders have no choice in the matter because only arseholes ride Harleys. They are born arseholes and will always be arseholes so the outcome of which bike they ride is predetermined simply because they ARE arseholes.

  59. Great!
    Nice to see I am not alone.
    Been driving for 29 years (4 years bmw k75) and have associated two words with many hd people-unsophisticated and negative.

  60. Well said. The creeps that blast through my town on their assholecycles are clearly not dealing with their issues. Instead, they’re projecting them violently at innocent bystanders, homeowners, drivers, etc. Same for the car and truck drivers with aftermarket exhausts and masturbatory sound systems. Peacocks strutting around. Animals is all they are.

    Loud cans/pipes don’t save lives! Learn physics instead of spewing marketing and douchebag memes. You’re wrong and no matter how many times you repeat the lie, it will never magically become true. It’s all about you being the center of attention and destroying your hearing (and ours, you assholes). Get a sense of proportion and grow up.

    The best part of this article is the dude spewing all his impotent insecurity in one of the comments above. What a dickstump. Apparently you’re so close to the truth that he felt emasculated and exposed, and launched off with the usual tough guy, self-important masturbatory masculinity crap. Perfect illustration of the kind of narcissitic and insecure creature that thinks so little of every other human being that they feel justified in violating society with their irrational attention-whore toy.

  61. Great post, way to say what needs to be said. The highlights for me were:

    * They seem to have this urge to be noticed and let you know what cocks they can be. It’s really becoming an F you to society.

    * the louder the bike, the bigger the douchebag. Look, we all know what a motorcycle sounds like, it’s already loud. The guy who takes the baffle off his hog so that it rattles your windows or shakes the water in your glass like Jurassic Park is a jackass. This rule applies to car radios too, btw.

    * the more they drive on roads, the less they actually like motorcycles. Real motorcycle fans do what’s the most fun and the most safe – they put on all their safety gear and go carve up canyon roads. Guys who just troll around neighborhood streets are just looking for attention, which I guess is obvious from their incessant revving.

    Survey question: What’s the bigger F you to society, face tattoo or super loud Harley? I’d say face tat, unless the Harley rider has a flame, either as a tattoo on their arm or as a sticker on their ride, or both.

    To answer your q I have to go with the super loud Harley. The face tat is just like permanent bad makeup, and even the worse makeup may still actually help the wearer. But the super loud harley is an intentional F you with every rev to everyone within earshot.

  62. i’m with you. but i noticed Harley riders becoming assholes when the Harley took the place of the Porsche as the mid life crisis toy of choice. now that a lot of Harley riders are cops, drs, attorneys and CEOs, instead of regular Joes, they have a sense of entitlement. here in california there used to be things like laws against handle bars that are at or above shoulder level, and noise laws. hell in the 80s i got a noise ticket on my 250 BSA, and that was no where near as loud as the typical hog is.

  63. I just can’t believe that no body is pushing legislation to restrict the decible level of motorcycles. Anything over 80 decibles is harmful to your hearing. We have neglected to put forth the aspect that loud pipes harm society. If motorcyclists don’t have enough sense or common decency to keep their rides quiet, then there should be laws to force them. The same with the idiots whose truck axhausts are extremely loud. Why does a driver have the right to harm my hearing when I’m just sitting at a stop light? And as for the ridiculous notion “loud pipes save lives”, they don’t, look at the studies.

  64. This story is excellent . . And so true . . . And here is a riddle for you Harley riders who are so religious about your bicycles:
    Why are Cadillacs the supreme rulers of the the road?
    Answer: Cause it’s your last ride.

    And that’s why Harley Davidson will always bow out of respect when a Cadillac goes by . . . This is a fact you will never be able to run from.

  65. Just a biker girl… tattoos, a motorcycle (english to be well understood and can keep up a Harley)… Sorry to say, you’re a well frustrated boy (maybe a man, hopefully not)… try to ride it once and maybe you will understand what w’re talking about. Keep safe and be safe… *rock on!!!*

  66. A guy walks in to be his new Harley. The clerk responds, “Ok so you wanna buy an’ll need the following accessories:
    1. A Harley shirt
    2. Harley boots
    3. Harley jeans
    4. Harley Jacket
    5. Harley eyewear
    6. Harley bandana
    7. Harley belt buckle
    8. Harley gloves
    9. A weekend pass to ride from said wife
    10. An American Flag to stick on the back of the bike
    11. Wallet with Harley emblem and chain
    12. A “How to Properly wave” manual
    13. Oil-dry
    14. Harley sticker for your car/truck
    15. “Live to Ride, Ride to Live” tattoo
    16. A Sturgis t-shirt
    17. A trailer for the bikes when going to Sturgis
    18. And of course a bad attitude

  67. Harley riders specifically, in my opinion, tend to be the worst motorcyclists around in both terms of road skill and general attitude.

    I’ve ridden motorbikes for 20 odd years, in both the USA and Europe and yes, I a have owned Harley Davidson bikes on both continents. There are two general types of Harley rider; The weekend road cruiser, typically middle to senior management that can afford to buy a nice bike, and the rejects from a Village People Video / Peter Fonda B Movie extras. Both are trying to attain an image. Both are assholes in one respect or another ( I was one of them ).

    The rejects / extras are the very worst. Their attitude to other road users stinks, especially in the USA and their road skills are very poor. It is common decency to move to the near-side to allow a faster bike to pass ( or a car ) when you see them in your mirrors, but Harley riders sit smack bang in the middle of the lane and refuse to move for some reason. This is a common fault of Harley riders the world over. I’ve even seen and experienced Harley riders actively try and block an overtake maneuver when they are traveling slower, who only knows what that is about.

    And as for waving ( or nodding your head ). Its a must. Harley riders only do that for other Harley riders, again proving they are assholes.

  68. Thank you for posting this online it saves me from doing it. I have rode for years and the “harley rider” is the worst form of cyclist. They are typically poor riders, overweight, overpaid morons. It seems the 1st thing to do with a harley is to start strapping crap on it to make it have an even worse power to weight ratio, and make it run hot too. I guess they missed engineering 101 because almost everything they do to “customize” their harley tends to ruin what little functionality the bike had to begin with. I’ve watched this behavior for years and the 1 constant that seems to be true is the more “harley” they are the smaller their penis is most likely. Why else would you need everyone to look at you? ..And finally 1 last tip on loud pipes, the previous post said it right loud pipes don’t save lives good riding does! Take a riding class! Brought to you by riding motorcycles for years because I love them not because I need to look cool 🙂 PSS I owned harley’s in the past but after cooking my testicles in traffic I switched to a liquid cooled v twin that was designed in this century.

  69. Yes sir. Totally agree with original post. I ride dualsport and Harley riders have proved time and time again to be posers. They are just trying to LOOK tough. When they pull any BS with me I confront them and they soon realize that “hey, this guy could bust me up good” it all fades and they r just another muncher on a hog. To be fair I know it’s not all Harley’s riders, but those revving,no gear,tough Guy scowled posers. Most of em. Bust.

  70. Whats the matter, Snoopy? You seem like a typical surburban frustrated cubicle flyin keyboard crunchin citizen commando….sure sucks to be YOU for sure….have fun hatin all u want, im gonna ride my loud dinosaur and enjoy LIFE while you mope round your house in your cum splattered pajama bottoms gazin forlonly out the window at all us assholes ridin n having a grand ol time…LOL the jokes on you ,Wordworth….

  71. “First, the reason our bikes are so loud is … so when you hear that loud noise in your ear your going to naturally look to find out what it is.”

    Another pants-on-head retarded biker who doesn’t understand the principal of sound levels. A douchebag on a motorcycle putting out 110 decibels that will rattle your windows as he passes, will be less than 15 meters away before the sound of his exhaust is loud enough to overcome the road noise of city traffic. Add the combined speed of both vehicles and it’s probably considerably less. Really the only thing you’re gonna do is startle the shit out of someone who wasn’t paying attention when this brain-numbing roar comes out of nowhere. If they swerved and ran you over because of that, I wouldn’t vote for a conviction if I were on the jury.

  72. First, the reason our bikes are so loud is because stupid drivers like you can’t get off your damn cell phone and never pay any attention to whats around you. So when you hear that loud noise in your ear your going to naturally look to find out what it is. Then you will bitch about it because you can’t hear on your phone. Second, the reason MOST, not all bikers are assholes is because were so tired of stupid people being stupid.

  73. haha, this is a wonderful post..i ride a motorcycle full time (i cant stand cars “road blocks” “cagers”) and wear full gear, and even have saddlebags for my bike ( i ride a 2002 yamaha r1 “a crotch rocket). my bike happends to have a quiet pipe on it ( loud pipes dont save lives, being a good rider does..loud is just annoying, and only say’s “look at me, im a douch bag”). i dont wear bright colors because im not on a bike to stand out, i just want to pass you and you never know it (i ride as if i am invisible, its just safer to assume no one ever see’s you).And have come to the conclusion that:

    harley riders are usually old, fat, lazy assholes that think its cool to cause noise pollution, and they think that their bikes are better despite the lack of power to noise ratio, and absence of handling.

    riders with no gear are organ donors

    guys that never shift out of first gear are fags (definition as of south park episode)

    and all that you have noticed of harley riders is true..they dont even give a wave to fellow bikers, and they even block other bikers (sport bikes) from passing them.

    when a car moves over a bit for me, i reward the good behaviour with a wave.

  74. I was shown this post by a member of my bike forum a UK based motorcycle forum – some valid points made here that I agree with you on. The comment about safety kit – I am totally with you on that and have very strong, personal views of wearing the correct kit.
    Being from the UK and given the climate conditions we have at the best of times being poor, most UK riders on ‘rice rockets’, and there are a large population of bikers in the UK riding Japanese bikes – tend to ride ‘fully kitted’ when out for a ride. We tend not to have a massive American riding market possibly owing to our roads being in a poorer condition than elsewhere in the world (again thanks to having 4 seasons in a day), but that said, we do still have many MC clubs who ride Harleys. For these riders and riders of ‘custom’ cruisers and choppers, do you not think it is personal opinion if they wish to ride bikes sporting ‘monkey hanger’ style bars or have flames on their paintwork? Also, whilst my personal option is to wear full protection (spine protector included), this again is the option of the rider, as it is for a car driver to choose to wear a seatbelt. Whilst this is law in most countries, the UK included, we all have choices in life – some choose the right option, some take the chance and don’t bother. Bikers know the dangers every time we get on our bikes. We know every ride has the possibility of being our last but we still make that choice because we love it. It’s in our blood and this is why we make that choice.
    I drive a car AND ride a bike. I know I’m safer most of the time in the car but admit the bike allows me to experience something you cannot in a car.
    The point of loud exhausts is a tricky one. If your exhaust is so loud it is rattling windows or setting house alarms off, I would argue that as being excessive. If you feel strongly enough about it you have a choice. Do something about it or stop moaning. Contact your local authority. Surely even in the US this would fall under an Anti-Social Act and have cause for being dealt with appropriately. That said, in the UK exhaust systems do have a decibel limit and most bikers over here choose to go slightly higher than normal purely for the reason that in order to get most car drivers attention, you either have to hit them with your own car or make a noise loud enough that they hear it. I suspect this would be the same worldwide as most car drivers don’t look for anything smaller than their own car on the road so what chance has a biker. I am conscious of not making excessive noise in my neighborhood though and try keep my revs to a minimum. Revving a bike when you first start it up serves no purpose, as does before turning it off. Turn it on, rev, go. Simples! Remember – LOUD CANS SAVE LIVES! If you’ve heard us, you’ve more than likely seen us and less likely to run us off the road with the excuse “I didn’t see you”.
    Black helmets – personal choice. Sure it limits their visibility but ultimately it will be the rider who comes worse off for that, not you. I don’t rant at smokers unless they blow smoke in my face. It’s their choice.
    Riding bikes on roads – we pay our road tax and have passed tests to allow us to ride where car drivers can, why shouldn’t we have the right to ride where we wish? Sure twisting country or mountain rides are more fun but not everyone lives near them so for those riders they ride where they enjoy. The majority of my riding is done on roads but I’ve been a biker for over 20 years and love it.
    Waving at other road users – I always make a point of acknowledging car/bike/bus/lorries who move over to let me through. Its called courtesy. Those who fail to do this, also applies to any road user, is just plain rude. They exist. I don’t sweat it. It’s life. Not everyone is cut from the same cloth I am. Its what make the world go round and as long as I’m polite, the rest can do what they want. Sometimes though, a wave or hand acknowledgement isn’t safe so watch out for a nod of the head or as used in Europe, a leg out.

    To summarise. Don’t judge all of us bikers or motorcyclists as the same. You have obviously had a bad experience with a minority of inconsiderate people. The majority of UK bikers especially are law-abiding citizens finding a release through a love of bikes, Japanese, American or otherwise. Just be careful posting opinions like this on the web – as we all know it’s public domain and the whole world see it. You have already and no doubt will upset a lot of riders out there with your comments.

    For any bikers out there sharing the same passion I do, regardless of where in the world you live, please check out – its a FREE forum for bikers worldwide to join and use and connect with other like-minded riders and share stories, advice or general banter on everything two-wheeled. To some they are just motorcycles. A means to an end, a commute to work. To the rest of us it’s what we love. Its in our blood. Its a BIKETHING

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