Medical folklore: “Oh Oh Oh, To Touch And Feel Very Good Velvet, AH!”

The significance of this phrase is to serve as a mnemonic device to help students of anatomy learn the twelve cranial nerves of the brain, which collectively innervate every muscle and sensory nerve in the human body. The capitalized letter in each word stands for:

(I) Olfactory
(II) Optic
(III) Oculomotor
(IV) Trochlear
(V) Trigeminal
(VI) Abducens
(VII) Facial
(VIII) Vestibulocochlear
(IX) Glossopharyngeal
(X) Vagus
(XI) Accessory
(XII) Hypoglossal

Another variation is “Oh Oh Oh To Take A Family Vacation! Go Vegas After Hours”.

9 Replies to “Medical folklore: “Oh Oh Oh, To Touch And Feel Very Good Velvet, AH!””

  1. 1 Oh
    2 Oh
    3 Oh
    4 To
    5 Touch
    6 And
    7 Feel
    8 A
    9 Gushing
    10 Vagina !
    11 So
    12 Happy!

    Sensory, Motor or Both?
    1 Some
    2 Say
    3 Marry
    4 Money
    5 But
    6 My
    7 Brother
    8 Says
    9 Big
    10 Boobs
    11 Matter
    12 More

  2. The one at the top is quite close to what I was handed down.
    Oh, oh, oh, to touch and feel very good velvet, such heaven!
    For the accessory nerve I learned to use spinal accessory so instead of the abstract letters AH there is a second meaningful unit, which makes memorizing a bit easier.
    There is a second famous sentence that usually goes together with this:
    Some say money matters but my brother says big brains matter more
    This sentence is used to recall whether a cranial nerve is a s pathway, motor pathway both.

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