Quote of the Day 2010-10-31

“From this moment on, Kenny Powers is just like everyone else – normal, not special. No hopes, no dreams, pretending to be happy when he’s really super sad. Just a normal guy with exceptional hair. Nothing more and nothing less. From this moment forward – the people’s champion, the Shelby sensation, the reversal pension master, the man with the golden dick, doctor cock and balls – that Kenny Powers, is now dead. And he will never pick up a baseball ever fucking again.

Chapter 2. The Next Chapter.”

-Kenny Powers, Eastbound and Bound.

Quote of the Day 2010-10-29

Gentlemen, we have run out of money. It’s time to start thinking.

-Sir Ernest Rutherford

Bonus trivia: Baron Rutherford was killed by his own title of nobility. He suffered a hernia, but as a nobleman, could only be operated on under British protocol by a titled doctor. The delay in finding such a doctor cost him his life. He is interred at Westminster Abbey alongside England’s greatest scientists, JJ Thomson and Isaac Newton.