Quote of the Day 2011-1-19

Facing off against each other:

Naruto “Heh”
Sasuke “What’s so funny?”
Naruto “Nothing is funny. I’m happy, when I think I can finally win against you!”
Sasuke “What’s that? Pretty big words for a failure!”
Naruto “I’m not going to wear the ‘failure’ label forever!”
Sasuke “You…are you trying to push your luck, moron?!”
Naruto “You’re always so cool, so what’s with your attitude now? Getting scared in the face of battle, Sasuke?”
Sasuke “Hurry up and attack me”
Naruto “Before that…put on your forehead protector. I’ll wait.”
Sasuke “I don’t need that sort of thing.”
Naruto “Just do it!”
Sasuke “Hmph. You can’t land a single scratch on my forehead!”
Naruto “That’s not it! This is a symbol that we’re fighting equally as Konoha shinobi!”
Sasuke “That’s what I mean by pushing your luck. You think you’re equal to me?!”
Naruto “Yeah, I do! I never once thought I was behind you!”
Sasuke “I’m sick of looking at you!”
Naruto “Is that just because you’re weak, Sasuke-chan?”

Quote of the Day 2011-1-18

Experience brings out the impossibility of learning anything from facts till they are examined and interpreted by reason; and teaches that the most reckless and treacherous of all theorists is he who professes to let facts and figures speak for themselves.

-Alfred Marshall

Bonus trivia: Marshall is largely responsible for bringing diagrams to economics, by seeking to make the subject more mathematically rigorous. His personal rules were thus: (1) Use mathematics as shorthand language, rather than as an engine of inquiry. (2) Keep to them till you have done. (3) Translate into English. (4) Then illustrate by examples that are important in real life (5) Burn the mathematics. (6) If you can’t succeed in 4, burn 3. This I do often.

Quote of the Day 2011-1-13

Nothing in life is so exhilarating as to be shot at without result.

-Winston Churchill

Bonus trivia: Churchill was shot at in every continent. He participated on the front lines of battle in Cuba, India, Egypt, Sudan, and in the Ottoman Empire and the Western Front during World War I.