Quote of the Day 2014-6-29

I have students that are really proud that they’ve never been into the library. They say it has nothing to do with cooking. My advice to you, and not just to succeed in this class, is this: figure out where that library is. It isn’t just the building you went to on your orientation. If one day you think that you haven’t really learned anything that day, pick up a cookbook and teach yourself something. Otherwise it’s been a waste of twenty-four hours.

Take a calendar and block off class time. Then block off studying time. Then go to a vineyard and learn how a grape grows, learn how it’s picked, learn how it’s crushed. How it ferments, how it’s bottled. Go on all kinds of mini field trips. And relate them to what you learn…Go learn so you have a basis of knowledge.

-Gerard Viverito, from Beaten, Seared, and Sauced by Jonathan Dixon

Quote of the Day 2014-6-23

It often happens, with regard to new inventions, that one part of the general public finds them useless and another part considers them to be impossible. When it becomes clear that the possibility and the usefulness can no longer be denied, most agree that the thing was fairly easy to discover and that they knew it was significant.

-Abraham Edelcrantz, Treatise on Telegraphs (1796)