Newslinks 2015-5-19

All eyes are on the Fed and whether it will raise interest rates. Bankers are voicing their concerns that low interest rates are fueling bubble growth. Worth noting that the most vocal banks are the ones that have been rocked hardest by scandals and the ones that would be most screwed if something goes bad in the stock market.

Another day, another crisis in Greece. We are now wondering if they’ll default on June 5 because there is still no solid debt deal and thus no assured liquidity. EU ministers seem to be thinking it’s time to play hardball with Greece and give them an ultimatum.

A Duke professor is in hot water for writing an editorial criticizing black culture and contrasting it with Asians. The part where he hailed Asian assimilation in picking English names and criticized blacks for picking “strange” names really hit a nerve. The whole thing boils down to declaring blacks need to stop complaining and obsessing about racism.

The Obama administration announces new restrictions on issuing military hardware to police agencies. Good. Ironically, this might be one of those petty punishments for states that have been stoking conspiracy theories about federal takeovers, but I’m wholeheartedly in support of this nonetheless. Why a city police officer needs to ride in an armored personnel carrier with a .50 caliber machine gun that was previously bound for service in Anbar province is beyond me.

Greek yogurt company Chobani is a startup with a billion dollar in annual sales and they’re going through growing pains. But in four years, they’ve gone from a punchy young company riding a hot trend to a mature company fighting off upstarts. The company and the management team hasn’t aged well.

Honda is entering the jet business. Finally. Deliveries are already three years late and it’s pending FAA safety certification.

WaPo editorial complains about Hollywood rigging the game to be white and male. There is a kind of funny Catch-22 – Hollywood casts mostly white male roles because that’s what the market wants, but the market wants mostly white male stars because that’s what Hollywood produces.

Medium goes after social shaming, especially by social media. It’s mostly a rallying cry against the crabby and fickle self-righteousness on the internet.

This columnist wants more attention on that Seymour Hersh article raising new questions about the bin Laden raid. Um, no. Not unless he can get prominent people who are in positions to actually know to stand up as the source and reiterate their statements that contradict the official narrative. I don’t think he’s a crank or spinning a conspiracy theory, but it is definitely strange that his account contradicts not only the administration’s narrative the narrative of a few administration officials and Navy SEALs who wrote autobiographies saying they were there.

The fad in Silicon Valley of building their own little island can thankfully be put to rest. Thank you Bioshock and Ayn Rand libertarians for making it seem like the insane idea that it always was.

The eye-popping salaries of some big name CEOs. I’m not sure if I should feel relieved or angry that the pendulum is swinging away from inequality and back to envy.

Most podcasts are supported by only a few sponsors – SquareSpace,, Audible, etc. That’s just the market perception for now that podcasting is only for early adopters and tech-savvy people. Will it expand and go more mainstream? That’s certainly what all podcasters are banking on, although there is no analysis of how effective such ads are for podcast listeners.

Mad Men ended Sunday night and the best post-mortem is how it is repopularizing suits.

MIT Technology Review covers the difference between chess players’ ability with their fame. Chess is one of those things like math or physics where we assume that the top professionals are geniuses and perhaps treat them as infallible.

Vox covers the opposition to TPP. It reads as trying to knock Elizabeth Warren down a peg, as Democrats say she’s not a driving factor or a leader in their opposition.

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